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This Page is Intended for AMSOIL Customer Management Software Users &
Website Administration & Content Authoring Platform Users

Install AMSOIL Menu Bar + CMS Help Topics:

1. Importing Customers into Your CMS Account

Importing Customers into Your CMS Account

Importing Customers into Your CMS Account

Import all of your customers in one go,
instead of adding them manually (this is a Free Service).

Personal Sponsored List (PKG02) from AMSOIL dealer zone, under Premium tab is the most complete and up to date customer list. However, this package is only available in PDF format and therefore cannot be used to import it into your CMS database.

The next best option are the Excel files from Label Report Page. From Premium tab, click on "Label Report Page (Label Packages)".

Under "Click below for Excel, savable format list" column...

1. Download "Group Labels by Name (PKG05)", this file contains all your dealers.

2. Download "Personal List Labels - PC - Excel", this file contains all your PC's.

3. Download "Personal List Labels - CA/RA - Excel", this file contains all your commercial and retail accounts.

Note: If you have lots of catalog customers (CR), then request AMSOIL to provide them in Excel or CSV format.

Important! Rename your customer files to contain your ZO number. Use the following format.


Email your files to support [at] In your email provide authorization for us to login and update your account.

Note: If you have manually entered customers into your CMS account, this update will not overwrite it. The import program will skip that account from being altered.

2. Site Name, Web Admin and Content Authoring Platform

Register a Site Name, Edit Your Home Page,
Create New Pages & Manage Your Web Site

Registering Site Name:

You can now access your dealer web site using a NICK NAME (we call it Site Name) instead of your dealer ZO number. Also your site is now a permanent sub-domain in the server instead of being a virtual link.

Site URL Example: (instead of)

After registering your Site Name, you can replace the dealer ZO in the URL with your Site Name. Visit the following link to register your favorite name before someone else takes it!

Website Administration & Content Authoring Platform:

Once site name is created, you can then login to your web site and start creating new web pages in your site. You can also edit and customize your home page.

This login is different from CMS login.

Note: This platform is available for ALL site users regardless of CMS account.

Website Admin:
You can change & update dealer profile like phone number, email etc. Upload dealership/pc application form and photo to your web site. You can also order custom logo from this interface.

Traffic Control:
View detailed traffic summary and statistics. You can also view free monthly traffic allocation. If you have installed the menu bar, you can also view detailed traffic log for the web site(s) that has been installed with the menu bar.

Content Authoring:
Once logged in... Clicking on "Create a New Add on Page" opens page editor interface to author new pages and then publishing it to your web site. You have full control over Meta tags, page title and the page content. For better search engine ranking you can also define your own page URL like

Creating a web page has never been this easy. Using the web page editor is like working on MS Word. You do not need to know programming to create beautiful and professional web pages, while allowing direct HTML editing for advanced users.

Photo Bucket:

You can upload and manage all your pictures that you will need for your web pages. Photo hosting service is built right into your web account.

Why should you author content?:

Unique content is loved by search engines. When you author useful information that people are searching on the web, your web site will start receiving these TARGETTED traffic. More pages you create will open more doors for FREE traffic. More traffic means more purchases and account sign ups. If you will consistently add relevant content to your web site, there will be no need for paid advertising to bring quality, targetted traffic to your dealer web site.

Search Engine Submission:

When you author content and publish it, we will automatically submit your content to major search engines. This submission is done every Friday morning.

4. Installing's Product Menu Bar in Your Own Web Site

Install AMSOIL Menu Bar

Got Traffic? Convert it with's Menu Bar

Dealers Who Operate Independent AMSOIL Web Sites,
Can Now Install Fully Featured AMSOIL Product Menu Bar!

'ONE' Line of Code = AMSOIL Menu Bar!

Instantly integrate your web site with your High Conversion site,
while offering the entire AMSOIL product line in an easy to browse menu bar.

Click Here to Download the AMSOIL Product Menu Bar V3.0

V3.0 is auto-updating! Once installed, future software upgrades are automagical!

*** This service is free for all site owners. If you have site ownership then you can use this feature. If you do not have site ownership access, either sign up for your own account or have your up line dealer sign up for an account and give you free site ownership access.

What do you get?

Exactly similar to’s navigation menu bar, but comes in 16 different styles, 4 different widths and colors. The menu installation is very simple. Just copy and paste “ONE” line of code into the web page for menu to appear. It cannot get any simpler than this.

Download the installation file (see below), upload it to your server, log in, set menu style and preview in seconds.
Note:'s Menu Bar can be installed in any web site including forum and blog sites (.php, .htm & .html pages).

You Get Lot More When You Install The Menu Bar!

Real Time Traffic Log Software:

CMS users already enjoy the most powerful traffic log software that monitors their web site.

When you install the intelligent menu bar, it doubles as a detailed, up to the second traffic log utility. You can access your web site traffic log from your CMS account under the icon “Menu Bar Traffic Log”.

You can add the menu bar to any number of web sites and retrieve traffic logs by the domain.

Detailed traffic log includes IP address, IP DNS information, Traffic Origination (such as search engine), Current Page, Last Viewed Page, Initial Landing Time, Last Activity Time, Total Hits per Visitor and User Agent. Sort and search traffic log based on domain name etc.

FREE Traffic Allocation (A True Win - Win Situation):

When you install the menu bar, you also become link partners with Link partners are rewarded back with free traffic. When natural search engine traffic increases for, a percentage of this traffic will be distributed back to menu bar link partners.

Free traffic distribution will be an algorithm based on the link partner’s web site traffic and's natural traffic. More traffic we get the more distribution for the link partners!

Even if your web site receives minimal to no traffic, still you will be allocated a base number of free traffic. So become link partners regardless of your web site activity.

The Benefits:

Owning a web site and generating traffic is the first step. However for online success, converting the traffic to real business is everything.

Project was developed to address the conversion issue that most dealer web sites have.

Menu bar installation is the simplest way to integrate your old web site with your new web site. Instantly you will be providing your visitors with complete access to all the AMSOIL products. The moment they navigate to your new web site you have every chance of converting traffic to dollars.

Download Menu Bar Installation File:

Click Here to Download the AMSOIL Product Menu Bar V3.0
V3.0 is auto-updating! Once installed, future software upgrades are automagical! + CMS Videos!


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