Who can Sign Up?

Project WBoil.com + CMS was developed to be open for all AMSOIL dealers regardless of sponsoring up-line dealer or group.


However, as of March 2010; AMSOIL head office advised us that Project WBoil.com + CMS services can no longer be distributed to fellow AMSOIL dealers.


So who can use this service?


Project WBoil.com + CMS was developed by Archinet Inc. under the direction of Vijay Parany.


Vijay is an AMSOIL Master Direct Jobber who has spared the development cost of project WBoil.com + CMS and thus the project is owned by him.


As per AMSOIL; dealers who belong to Vijay's group (down-line and their down-line(s)) are the only group of dealers that can have access to the services of Project WBoil.com + CMS.


As of April 2010; we have closed registration for dealers that do not belong to Vijay's group. If you should have any concerns in regards to this decision, please do not contact us but your regional sales manager.

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